The universe is basiclly an animal.

It grades on the ordinary.

It create infinite idiots just to eat them.

Smart people get a chance to climb on the top, take reality for a ride,

but it will never stop trying to throw you,

and, eventually, it will.

There’s no other way off.

在考虑要不要把现在的vps资源利用起来 huaji-han

把现在运行着的两个12306ocr项目API地址公开如何 ruoyou-suosi

现在六台vps几乎零负载 huaji-han


之前安(下)装(载)frps的时候用的 location / { rewrite ^ https://$server_name/static/#/ permanent; } location ^~ /static { proxy_pass; proxy_set_he […]